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Capacity-building assets for integrated care: how to use existing evidence to accelerate the adoption of integrated care?

Jon Txarramendieta

Statement of the Problem:The transformation of healthcare systems is highly complex and, as such, the health and social care authorities in charge of this system redesign are seeking support to improve their capacity for integrated care. There is a real opportunity to maximise the use of existing evidence on integrated care and ensure it is readily available to meet the needs and context of a particular health and care system. However, it is also important to recognise that the healthcare systems will have very different starting points, or levels of maturity. As such, they will all require different levels/types of assets and support to strengthen their capacity for successful implementation of integrated care.Methodology & Theoretical Orientation: The SCIROCCO Exchange project aims to address this need by facilitating the access of authorities to tailored, evidence-based assets and personalised capacity-building support for the adoption of integrated care.