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ISSN - 2155-9562


Cervical Ganglioneuroma and Obstructive Hydrocephalus Following Surgery - A Rare Association

Ana-Maria Ionescu, G Butoi, Sergiu Chirila, Balan Corneliu and Hancu Anca

     Ganglioneuromas are rare tumors, known as neuroblastic or neurogenic tumors, which most often start in autonomic nerve cells, which may be found in any part of the body.     We present a case of 53 years old, woman, with mild arterial hypertension, who has right sided hemiparesis, more on the leg, with gradual onset. Cerebral MRI was normal.      After a few months, she developed motor deficit on the opposite leg, with the picture of triparesis and impairment of walking. MRI of the cervical spine was showing an extra medullary intradural mass C5-C6-C7 and she finally underwent extended cervical laminectomy from C-5 to C-7 level, and total ablation of the tumor. Despite the first supposition of a neurinoma, histopathology examination confirmed a case of ganglioneuroma tumor.      In a few weeks, she became confused and with impairment of gait. An obstructive hydrocephalus was confirmed on CT scan. The ventriculo-peritoneal shunt was performed and the recovery was complete.