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Covid-19 impact of social life and social practices on prevention of the virus spread in Somaliland

Hamze Suleiman H. Nour

The pandemic of COVID-19 has loss for human live and loss of economy of worldwide. The disease was challenge to public health, and impaired food insecurity and food systems. The COVID-19 disrupted on social life on the community bay spreading across global by devastating on its pandemic condition. The COVID-19 cause loss tens of millions of people around the global. In contrast the disease leaved on extreme poverty in economy crisis in the Africa as well in Somaliland. The aim of this findings was highlight pandemic effect of COVID-19 on social life and their practical for prevention of the spread of this pandemic virus. This finding conducted the survey on online, this survey was design in the form online and posted on social media include websites, Facebook and twitters. The respondents response presented as frequencies and percentages. The results were  48% indicated that the COVID-19 affected their income, while 14% of population of Somaliland affected their work. While 4% of community indicated the COVID-19 on their social wellbeing. 13% of the community affected transportation, 14% effected expenditure and 6% affected health of community of Somaliland. The Social practice among the community toward prevention  and breakdown COVID-19 spread in the community was 43% indicated they prevented stay at home as a good prevention of the virus. 19% the prevent was social distancing, 21% indicated the prevent of the spread of the virus limiting visiting areas to workplace, 6% indicating the prevention was  avoiding hand shaking, 8% indicated going their normally to work place. While 1% others  were indicating the preventing measures to break down spread. The study gives some insight of impact of COVID-19, though some community understand some preventive methods to slowdown the spread of COVID-19 in Somaliland. Therefore, required much study about impact of the virus of COVID-19 on social life and to increase knowledge, attitudes and behavior of the community towards the pandemic virus.