Death Triangle of Covid-19 | 57489



Death Triangle of Covid-19

Sachin Purushottam Lohiya

Lungs belong to the metal element.The depletion of metal element is as a result of weak lungs .Metal and water has mother and son relationship.Weak mother leads to weal son.Whereas metal is mother to the water , inturn water also gets depleted. Depletion of water element effects in 2 ways. a-it depletes the Yaun Qi – the kidney Qi which further increase the attack of pathogen on affected organ –the lung. b. Water extinguishes fire as per the KO cycle in other words water controls fire. Weak water element as a result of weak metal ,loses its control over fire. The imbalance in the five element system starts. Though the fire is not really increased, there is a false increase also called the empty fire. Excess fire metals metal.The empty fire will overact on metal leading to further weak lungs. This will in turn deplete water element and again promote empty fire. This destructive interactions in Metal –Water-Fire trio, I call as Death triangle of Covid-19.