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Digital Continuous Care as an emerging model of AI-powered continuous patient supervision

Leon Eisen

Utilization of new technology disrupts the paradigm of
many ecosystems and is often resisted in Healthcare.
However, when a natural evolution of technology is
incorporated into an existing organization, the innovations
outpace the disruptive effects while encouraging
widespread acclimation. Digital Continuous Care is an
outstanding example of a natural evolution of remote
patient monitoring that incorporates modern wearable
medical technologies and AI-powered medical intelligent
tools. This emerging patient continuous care model lets
physicians follow up high-risk patients effortlessly online,
measure home care effectiveness and optimize therapies.
In one click, clinicians can unlock patients’ real-time intelligent
insights and effortlessly help thousands of highrisk
patients while dramatically reducing their own burnout.
Harnessing Digital Continuous Care will improve
patient life style, quality of care and take a full control of
clinical outcomes.