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Digital Therapeutics: Opportunities and issues in an emerging and essential new field.

Steven Dodsworth

Digital therapetuics(DTx) can be described as evidence-
based therapeutic interventions mediated by high
quality software programs to prevent, manage, or treat a
broad spectrum of physical, mental, and behavioral conditions.
This field has emerged in recent years to become
a distinct sector within the field of digital health and
whilst the term suggests analogy with traditional therapeutics
the routes to market and commercial models
remain unclear.Given the rise in chronic disease which
is poorly addressed by established therapeutic approaches,
DTx offers significant potential in preventionand
self-management of life-style associated disease which
threatens to overwhelm our healthcare systems.Reimbursement
of Dtx is evident in several European countries
as is adoption by US-based insurers with significant
interest from large diagnostic and pharmaceutical players.
DTx do not, however, adhere to traditional market
dynamics and this presentation will explore similarities
and differences between traditional therapeutics and digital
therapeutics and how they are likely to scale to deliver
maximum benefit.