Edge computing for the implementing of Early Warning Scored | 56406



Edge computing for the implementing of Early Warning Scored systems in health based on open and low cost hardware

Puerta A Gabriel

 The development of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and the emergence of new platforms and services, can allow the development of new products and solutions and home health care and patient monitoring. These new platforms, combined with the new computing and computational intelligence capabilities, result in systems that have the capacity to estimate, monitor and control treatments, patients, controls and health care processes, in a ubiquitous manner and with permeate records. Currently, with the implementation of the new computing paradigms, such as fog and edge computing; Medicine and health are expected to obtain a great benefit derived from the development of mobile, portable and connected devices, which can acquire and communicate data on symptoms, vital signs, medications and activities of daily life, which can contribute or affect people and treatments.