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How healthcare can benefit from the changes in information technology applied to medical data ??? patient records, clinical trials, pharmaceutical research and government objectives in population determinants of health.

Joxel Garcia

A digital citizen represents an individual in terms of information
collected by third parties.Similar to a passport or profile,
this data is how external systems and agencies can interact and
provide services. It can come from financial, social, government
and healthcare providers. Data from each is fed into a multi-dimensional
view of the person, with the information under the
control of the digital citizen for reasons of privacy, regulation
and monetization.The opportunity to create a health ecosystem
to support anydigital citizen is of uttermost importance.
The collective goals areto improve transparency, treatment efficiencies,
provider productivity, better medical outcomes, with
an additional objective - self-learning. The health care sector,
all of its components and stakeholders, benefit from such a
platform that protects privacy to make the healthcare more efficient
and effective.