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Managing emergency dental patients during Covid-19

Sura Ali Ahmed

The coronavirus pandemic has restructured the way that we live and work. We recognize the stress and worry that we are all going through. The real challenge was in creating a culture that supports the adoption of innovative practices, which require different skills and competences from all health care workers, staff, patients and the whole community. New ways of working, particular care context were adopted, effectively meet the needs of our communities in this challenging time, we must deliver care differently now and plan for how we will best deliver care in the future. The key principles to protect the public, patients and staff. The delivery of urgent dental care will be part of a co-ordinated response to COVID-19. For example, whenever possible, patients should be treated with advice, analgesia and antimicrobials where appropriate by remote prescribing protocol. Patients must be assessed for infection risk to ensure they are directed to the correct urgent dental care site for treatment .Furthermore, Infection prevention and control advice for dentists and the dental team involved in the provision of urgent dental care for patients who are possible or confirmed case of COVID-19 or whose COVID-19 status is unknown.