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Self Mastery to Survive The Next Era

Julie Rammal

We have come to a time, where we must choose our paths. The human specie can only continue with a shift in consciousness, increase in spirituality, mastery of oneself, and change of heart. The rapid evolution of the human specie has torn the body, mind, and spirit connection resulting in increase medical, mental and physical care facilities. However; none of the facilities look at the human specie as a body, mind and spirit. Through history, change took time. The first apes appeared approximately 6-7 million years ago, followed by an evolution in tool making that occurred around 3.3. million years ago. Around 2.8-2.75 million years ago, the oldest remains of the genus Homo appeared, and humans only appeared around 315,000 years ago. We are currently evolving much quicker than history has recorded the human evolution.