Psychoticism versus Guile a prerequisite of power? | 100005



Psychoticism versus Guile a prerequisite of power?

Geoffrey Chaucer

Using the results of research into personality Thomson (1981,2015, 2017). The most usual assumption would be that people with high psychoticism scores on Eysenck’s Personality Questionnaire (EPQ) a development of various earlier personality questionnaires Eysenck & Eysenck (1964.) will be attracted to positions of power, careers which both exploit and provide such people with the various elements in their personalities which need appeasing. However as necessary as these characteristics are there needs to be an appreciation of the variables underlying psychoticism: such as tough mindedness, solitary, not fitting in anywhere, inhumane etc. This paper revisits psychoticism and attempts to suggest both the merits of high psychoticism scorers but also the deficits and dangers. Furthermore, a suggestion is made that as Eysenck foretold a more suitable word in time would replace psychoticism–the suggestion is guile with its broader application